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Bishop Crosby

About Us Ex Corde

Established in 2011, the Ex Corde Foundation provides financial assistance to Parishes and other Catholic charities within the Diocese of Hamilton and across Canada.

The Foundation provides grants to repair or renovate buildings; to provide and maintain religious and devotional artifacts, stained glass windows, and other religious works of art; and to support religious education, catechesis, and the provision of liturgical resources and pastoral programs.

Apply for a Grant How to Apply

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1. Determine if Eligibility Criteria are met:

To be eligible to apply for a grant, an organization must satisfy both of the following conditions:

  • Be a Roman Catholic Charity registered as a charity with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Provide services within the Diocese of Hamilton or in another Canadian diocese

2. Download and Print the Application Form

ALL FIELDS ON THE APPLICATION ARE MANDATORY. An incomplete application will not be accepted.

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3. Submit the Form by the Application Deadline

Each year there are two submission deadlines and two dates where grants will be awarded. They are:

Cycle I

  • Submission Date......February 15
  • Awarding Date......March 25

Cycle II

  • Submission Date......August 15
  • Awarding Date......September 25

4. Mail Your Completed Application

Please send completed application by mail to:


Diocese of Hamilton Chancery Office
700 King Street W
Hamilton, ON
L8P 1C7

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Contact Us

To contact us you can reach us
at the Diocese of Hamilton, Chancery Office

700 King Street West
Hamilton, ON
L8P 1C7