Ex Corde Foundation

Welcome to the Ex Corde Foundation®

Ex Corde:  "from the heart"

The Ex Corde Foundation® focuses on finding ways to help Parishes, organizations and communities prosper. While the Diocese is facing many challenges, we also have an opportunity to seek new and sustainable ways of addressing issues and creating a more collaborative approach to meeting the challenges facing Parishes, organizations and our community.

Charitable Purposes of the Fund

The restricted charitable purpose of the Foundation is to maintain and invest the Fund and to disburse all or part of the income to Roman Catholic charities registered under the Income Tax Act (Canada) for the following purposes:

  1. to repair or renovate Roman Catholic parish buildings, and buildings owned by other Roman Catholic charities;
  2. to provide and maintain religious and devotional artifacts, stained glass windows and other religious works of art in Roman Catholic parish buildings and buildings owned by other Roman Catholic charities;
  3. to support religious education and catechesis in Roman Catholic parishes;
  4. to provide liturgical resources for Roman Catholic parishes;
  5. to support pastoral programs in Roman Catholic parishes and other Roman Catholic charities.

Dates to Keep in Mind

Each year there are two submission deadlines and two dates where grants will be awarded. They are:

Cycle I
Submission date . . . . . . February 15
Awarding date  . . . . . . . March 25
Cycle II
Submission date . . . . . . August 15
Awarding date  . . . . . . . September 25

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